Panel World's doors and door systems are manufactured with top of the range hardware, specially imported from Italy and France. The insulation value of the doors is adapted to suit every unique situation.


All sliding doors are 100mm thick and are insulated by either polystyrene or polyurethane. The sliding system is especially developed to be unbreakable. This system lifts the door from the floor and away from the door frame on opening and ensures a perfect seal and drag free opening. The silicon extruded gasket is highly durable.

All doors are fitted with a composite inner and aluminium outer handle. The locking mechanism, with its safety release pin on the inside, complies with European and South African standards.



All hinge doors are 75mm thick and insulated by either polystyrene or polyurethane. The fastener systems incorporate the most modern European handle, which are made from composite material and are corrosion resistant. All fasteners comply with European and South African safety standards and are tamper proof if the door is locked.

Hinges are also manufactured from corrosion resistant composite material. These hinges are fitted with a snatch-proof pin and tamper-proof fixing if the door is closed. Auto lubrication ramps ensure effortless door opening.

The gasket is housed in a PVC extrusion for easy replacement. The magnetic gasket is extruded with a special mixture to ensure durability and compatibility.



Glass door rooms are ideal for display and storage of chilled products such as beverages, dairy products, flowers, ice cream, meat, etc. Self closing, condensation-free doors ensure displays are kept at the right temperature, with the lowest possible energy consumption and cost.

Panel World supplies locally manufactured and renowned imported glass doors. Glass doors are available in low and medium temperature as well as slam on and doors in architraves. These doors are supplied in black and silver.



Truck body doors are manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 50mm to 100mm. The cast iron door furniture and thick J- Rubber is similar to those used on shipping containers. Truck body doors are renowned for their strength, durability and their extremely tight sealing characteristics.


Personnel doors for clean rooms are 40mm thick, insulated with polystyrene and cladded with chromadek. These doors can also be cladded with aluminium tread plates and fitted with a window. The aluminium door furniture is part of the union professional collection.



Rack and pinion doors for chicken houses
21m long x 1.2m high
Hatches for freezer blower compartments
4m long x 2.4m high
Open/close automatically on defrost of hydraulics
Vertical ventilation wall
Customisable length x 2.1m high

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